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Solid Yellow Gold Ruby Pendant, Ruby Necklace, Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver Red Sapphire

Solid Yellow Gold Ruby Pendant, Ruby Necklace, Paperclip Chain, Sterling Silver Red Sapphire

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Red hexagonal ruby with schillers effect set in solid 14k yellow gold. This piece shines in sunlight and is powerful and modest. Perfect for day to day activities like work, or a dinner at night. Is beautiful by itself or layered with other necklaces. 

I made this piece with a 2.5 carat natural red ruby from Mozambique. It does not have any treatment nor has it been heated. All natural in the literal sense of that word. 

I set it in solid 14k yellow bezel with a sterling silver backplate (stone is not perfectly even, thus the uneven backplate). The stone (including the bezel) measures 12.34mm x 6.5mm (3.7mm thick). 

It's attached to a paperclip chain that is 18 inches (2 inches of extension chain) & measures 2.1mm x 6.4mm. Clasp is 9mm x 5mm.

Please take good care of the piece. Avoid any chemicals or moisture, remove during strenuous activities and before going to bed. Your order includes an air tight pouch with a small black anti-tarnish strip for safe keeping your piece and reduce the tarnishing of silver. Yellow sunshine polishing cloth is included to keep your piece shining. It's very slightly abrasive cloth that's impregnated with a polishing compound. To use, simply run the cloth against silver with a bit of pressure. The cloth will get dark overtime from silver chemical structure. 

If this is not exactly what you're looking for, I have a variety of unique, one of a kind quality gemstones that you can select from. Send me a message and I'll be more than happy to work with you one on one. 

Custom jewelry is the most fulfilling & meaningful work to a small jeweler like myself. 

Made in my little studio in Arizona. Thank you for considering supporting a small Ukrainian business❤️

This piece is made by hand. With that, please consider tiny variations in the craftsmanship. I try to be as precise as possible with my measurements. All the jewelry in my shop was handcrafted by me. All the sourcing of materials, shaping, forming, polishing, setting, photo & video taking, listing, every word you're reading, all done by me. I do not use artificial intelligence to write listings or descriptions. And of course so so much more that's not visible. 

Natural gemstones somethimes have small inclusions & pitting. 

If you're interested in seeing behind the scenes of my work & important updates, follow me on Instagram @halyna.viktoria 

Each piece comes with a "certificate of authenticity," which is a 2x3 sticker photo of the piece with some of the tools that were used to make it, along with my logo. Each certificate is unique to all pieces.

Please be gentle with your handmade jewelry. Some gemstones are softer than others. Make sure to treat them with care

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