Before making a purchase, please review information below.

Custom orders

A custom order can be anything from remaking one of my previous pieces (if similar gems available), or together coming up with a design.

Working one on one is one of my favorite parts of this craft.

We will discuss the details of your piece. Sometimes it takes minutes, and sometimes a few days, depending on the design and available materials at hand.

Once we have decided on a project, I will send you an invoice for a deposit. I can do Etsy (offers Klarna), PayPal, ShopPay, all allow to split a payment into 4 installments if needed. If you need a payment method that's not inclded above, please let me know and I will try to add it.

Deposit will be anywhere from 30%-50% of the total. It is non refundable or exchangeable.

Deposit will be due after our discussion, however if you need more time or special accommodations, please let me know in our first chat.

I will begin working on the piece typically within a few days, unless I'm waiting for special supplies for your project or have other pieces that are due.

Your piece will be ready anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity & order queue. We will discuss the timeframe in details in our first chat.

If you wish to get updates, photos, videos of work in progress, please let me know, I'll be happy to keep you in the loop.

Once piece is finished, I will send you photos and videos. If everything looks great, I'll will send an invoice (or make a listing) for the remaining amount. Once it's paid, your piece will go out the following working business day.

If you're located outside of the U.S., please let me know at the beginning, just so I can make sure to check shipping details, cost, and ability to ship to your location.

At this moment, I only work with gemstones I have in stock or my trusted suppliers. I can not accept client provided gemstones at this time.

Gemstones sometimes can get damaged during fabrication, and I want to have full liability if that happens. I will not be able to replace your gemstones because each is unique in its own way.

Sometimes a gemstone provided by me can also become damaged during the making process. We can choose another one, or I can return your deposit, or apply it to another project.

The deposit may be refunded under my discretion only.

If that changes, I will announce the update.

To get started on a piece for you or your loved one, send me an email at halyna@hvjewelry.com, send me a message on Instagram or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


I only use real precious metals, such as fine & sterling silver or solid gold. Silver may oxidize over time, however you can minimize it by storing jewelry in the pouch provided with the order.

If you need your piece cleaned, please let me know, I will provide you an address to ship it to. I will clean it at no cost, however I can not cover the shipping costs.

Returns, exchanges 📦

Returns & exchanges: not accepted for custom or made to order items. If you would like to return or exchange an already made item, I will gladly send you a return shipping lable, at no cost to you.

You will have 3 days from the recorded delivery date to get in touch for a return/exchange of an already made item that you purchased.

I may be able to make exceptions for unforseen circumstances, so please reach out and let me know.

The piece must be in the exact condition when sent back, as it was upon arrival to you, along with all the contents that were included.


Your package will be shipped priority mail via USPS. I cover the cost within the U.S. All orders are insured up to the full value of the package contents and includes tracking.

When shipping your orders, I drop them off in person at the post office. I make sure they scan the package and provide me a physical and email receipt. I immediately send it to you in a direct message for easy access to shipping details.

Client is responsible for any international customs charges upon receiving the package.

International orders will be discussed on individual basis.

If you wish to use another carrier aside from the USPS, please let me know and I'll be happy to see if we can.

A word on gemstones 💎

In my work, I mostly use natural gemstones, unless otherwise stated.

I carefully inspect every gemstone before beginning work. I look for scratches, inclusions or any other marks that may pose an issue with wear.

Affordable natural gemstones will most often have natural marks and/or inclusions. With proper handling and care, in most cases they can last a very long time.

They are still natural. Although I do my best to inspect and prevent a gem from possible damage, once it leaves my hands I can not control what happens to it. Therefore I am not able to accept a return with a gemstone that was damaged after it leaves my studio.

Care tips

All my work is handmade using traditional silversmithing techniques, unless stated otherwise. It's a delicate process and the finished product should be handled accordingly.

Some reminders: remove your jewelry prior to any strenuous activities and possible exposure to harsh chemicals. Examples include swimming, cleaning, exercising, etc.

Please store your pieces in the pouch that's included with each order. This will reduce the oxidation of silver and the possible damage to gemstones.

Opals and a few other gems need to be handled with extra care, due to the very soft nature of the material. Reach out if you have questions regarding the care of your gemstone.

Some gemstones may change color over time. This is natural, especially, for example, with natural turquoise & amethyst.

Keep pyrite away from humidity & water since it can spontaneously crate hydrogen peroxide. Pyrite is an iron sulfate mineral, if left in water it will break down into iron oxide.

You can do as you wish with your piece from me. These are just general suggestions to reduce wearing down and for them to remain in good condition.

At the time of writing this, I am the only human behind Halyna Viktoria Jewelry. Please understand that things do not always go as planned, therefore I must ask some patience and understanding of you.

I have a few rescue cats. Although they do not have access to the studio, I do spend time with them. Please be mindful if you have a severe cat allergy. I do my best to package your order in a clean & dust free environment but cannot 100% guarantee that cat hair won't make it.🐾😸

For any questions feel free to send me an email at halyna@hvjewelry.com or fill out the contact form below 🩷

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