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Red Spinel Natural Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring, Antique, Minimalist, Black Textured Band, Size 9.5 U.S.

Red Spinel Natural Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring, Antique, Minimalist, Black Textured Band, Size 9.5 U.S.

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Hand-made sterling silver ring, with a red spinel, from Bruma, in a bezel setting, using traditional silversmithing techniques.

This gemstone is completely natural without any heating or treatments. Spinel scores an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes this gem perfect for everyday wear. Red spinel is one of the most desired colors on the market and is not easily accessible.

Unlike some of the other gemstones, the color of spinel does not fade unless exposed to extreme heat.

I gave it an antique I inspired look by texturing and darkening the band.

I absolutely love the contrast between the black band and a fiery red, crisp spinel.

The gemstone (including the bezel) measures 7.2mm x 6.8mm & band is 5.1mm x .9mm.

Size 9.5 US.

At this time, I can not alter the size of the ring. However, I do have a variety of gems available to be made into a piece specifically for you.

I have a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind quality gemstones that you can select from. You can reach me by message here, or a direct message on Instagram @halyna.viktoria.

Custom requests & working together to bring something to life is by far my favorite part of this craft.

Made in my little studio in Arizona. Thank you for considering supporting a small Ukrainian business❤️

Some of the profits from my jewelry sales always go directly to my grandmother who lives in Ukraine, and the neighbors who help take care of her.

This piece is made by hand. With that, please consider tiny variations in the craftsmanship. Only a machine can make something perfect, and I'm assuming since you're here, that you would like a piece that carries a piece of the human time & energy that made it ❤️

If you're interested in seeing behind the scenes of my work & not to miss important updates, follow me on Instagram @halyna.viktoria

Each piece comes with a "certificate of authenticity," which is a 2x3 sticker photo of the piece with some of the tools that were used to make it, along with my logo. Each certificate is unique to all pieces

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