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Natural Spinel sterling silver ring, 10 karat yellow gold bezel, pave set synthetic garnet

Natural Spinel sterling silver ring, 10 karat yellow gold bezel, pave set synthetic garnet

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Approximately one carat of a stunning spinel gemstone, set east to west (horizontal), surrounded by not widely known imitation garnet. The color of the center stone is not just one: purple and brown. It has not been heated or treated in any manner, making it 100% natural. Spinel has remained one of my top 3 absolute favorite precious gems since the start due to its high refractive index, shining in every direction. It sits between 7.5 and 8 on the mohs hardness scale, making it durable enough for everyday wear.

The surrounding garnets measure 2mm, and have almost a velvety look to them, which I personally have never seen until working with these. There are 5 stones on each side of the Spinel. They land at 9 on the mohs hardness scale.

I made this ring using traditional metalsmithing techniques, from the melting of the silver and gold to rolling and forming it into sheet, stips for the bezel, and to the shape of the ring. The stone is wrapped with 10 karat yellow gold and soldered to the sterling silver ring band.

I learned to set tiny little faceted stones from watching reels and seeing posts on Instagram. Having spent months fixed on perfecting my pave setting techniques, I am now finally satisfied with the outcome of my work and am able to share it with you

Size: 10

Stone with bezel: 9.1mm x5.8mm

Band: 2.9mm x 1.5mm

Every single word you are reading was typed up by me. I feel like it's silly to say, but in a world where artificial intelligence generates listings its important to let you know.

All measurements are approximate. This piece is made by hand. With that, please consider tiny variations in the craftsmanship.

Please be gentle with your piece. Most gemstones are natural, and although they are pretty tough, they are not indestructible. Natural gemstones sometimes have small inclusions & pitting.

I suggest avoiding any type of chemical exposure to your piece of any kind, and to remove your jewelry during strenuous activities and before going to bed. Your order includes an air tight storage pouch with a small black anti-tarnish reduce the tarnishing of silver. Yellow sunshine polishing cloth is included to keep your piece shining. It's a very slightly abrasive cloth that's impregnated with a polishing compound. To use, simply run the cloth against silver with a bit of pressure. The cloth will get dark overtime from silver chemical structure.

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