Gold Rings. Chonky Silver Chains.

Hi everyone! Sometimes I try to take on more than I can handle at a time (as many of us do) and that applies to wanting to have all the things on my website ready to go and maintained. Since I am literally one person (with a full time job at the moment) I'm realizing that the most I can do is have available products and a blog ready and maintained. All the other aspects and sections such as behind the scenes and tips & tricks for jewelers will have to wait until a more suited for me time. 
This blog will be available to view a bit sooner before I list my very first 14k solid yellow gold rings. They are the definition of handmade. I melted the gold, rolled it into wire for rings, sheet for backplates and bezel walls. At this moment my process photos and videos are on Instagram. 
Green and yellow striped sapphire ring, geometrical shape wrapped in solid gold
Along with the rings there are five made to order handmade chains for you to choose from, as well as gemstone pendants to go with them but will be listed separately. I will add some made to order gemstones as well if you wish for a wider variety. 
Some things I'm foreseeing for HVJ in the near future are solid gold chains, similar to the sterling silver ones. 
Just a reminder that all of the metals I use are precious metals, solid gold (never gold filled or gold plated) and sterling & pure (fine) silver. 
If you got this far I want to say I'm lucky to have you here. Hope the rest of this week is easy on you ❤️
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