Halyna Viktoria Jewelry

Rubies, sapphires and other precious & semiprecious gemstones in solid gold & silver, made by hand in Arizona ⚒️🩷

If you have stumbled on this website and are wondering what is going on here, I’ll briefly summarize it below.

My name is Halyna Viktoria and I am a Ukrainian metal smith. I craft jewelry from solid gold, sterling and fine silver by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques.

I pride my work in it being truly handmade; making sterling silver by weighing out and melting copper with pure silver, turning 24 karat, pure gold into 10 karat and 14 karat by adding alloys, and melting & pouring the metals into ingots. From there, I form the metals into sheet, strips, wire, and anything else that I need to make a piece of jewelry, mostly with the use of my economy rolling mill (the dream is to upgrade to a good quality one).

Once I have all the necessary metals in their desired forms, I begin fabrication, which entails cutting the said metals into correct ring sizes, bezel strips, back plates, and then bending them into the work of art you see on my page.

All of the stone setting is done my me. The drilling of holes and creating seats for tiny stones you see in my pave collection, to all other bezel and prong set gems.

I work with various gemstones & my favorites tend to alternate. At this moment I'm absolutely in love with sapphires & spinel.

Currently, my work is listed on Etsy and I share my work in progress and behind-the-scenes on Instagram.

One of my absolute favorite things in the world, what drives me and is the main reason behind making jewelry, is seeing things come to life.

Although social media and the Etsy marketplace are very engaging, they do not allow me the ability to create something of my own (besides the media of course).

That is what this webpage is. My goal is to showcase my work, make it available for purchase, share updates and parts of the making process, create a blog that will inform my visitors, and share my expertise on processes, tips, and tricks with other makers, or even those who are just curious.

My work mostly consists of unique, one of a kind pieces, however I will be offering made to order and made to your size work.

Slowly I will be uploading photos of my work and creating a portfolio so you can get a feel of my style and abilities.

I will slowly be adding solid yellow gold pieces, primarily 10 karat & 14 karat, to my collections.

If you have any questions I will leave a form below as well as my social media links.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests for a custom piece.

Halyna Viktoria

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